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The F.E.D Power Station
Wind Powered Electricity…read more

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What is a Wind Turbine
A wind farm contains many wind turbines.
Large wind turbines spin due to wind.
This generates electricity.
The power increases when the wind energy
increases.…read more

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Our Model Wind Turbine
The turbine turn due to wind.
This turns an electromagnet which
generates electricity in this box.
The electrical flow then passes through the
wires in to the ground where it will be
connected to a transformer and then to the
National Grid .…read more

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We think:
· It should be at a
high point.
· Near Windy Point
but not so close
that we endanger
the rare sea
· It is also not too
windy and so the
turbine will not be
broken or
damaged by any
strong winds.…read more

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Even though it is very expensive to build the
costs are very little to run.
No pollution tax so cheaper.
Payback period is very short.
We work closely with several companies to
obtain resources at a discounted price.
Cheapest of all renewable resources of
energy. Might decrease even more
due to new advances in technology.…read more

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Cheaper to run.
One of the safest power station.
Can be on shore and off shore so does not disturb anybody.
Employs all types of people from builders to engineers, creates
more jobs for those unemployed nearby.
Can be a range of different sizes in order to support varying
population levels.
When wind energy is combined with solar energy, this energy is
a great source of energy to developing countries and developed
to provide a secure and reliable energy source.…read more

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