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Hurricane Wilma
By Becky McCartney…read more

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Formed: October 15 2005
Dissipated: October 25 2005
Details of the Event
Highest winds:185 mph (295 km/h) (1
minute sustained)
Lowest pressure: 882 mbar (hPa;26.06 in Hq)
(Record low in Atlantic)
Fatalities: 23 direct, 40 indirect
Areas affected: Jamaica, Haiti, Cayman
Islands, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize,
Yucatan Peninsula, Florida, Bahamas,
Atlantic Canada
Hurricane Wilma was a Category 5 Hurricane…read more

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In Mexico Quintana Roo government officials
Preparations declared a red alert on the evening of Wednesday,
October 19. residents of coastal areas were
advised to take refuge further inland.
In Nicaragua, civil organizations were
Ordered to make hurricane preparations,
while in El Salvador, the National Emergency
Committee was activated.
In Cuba, preparations were made to evacuate
Four western provinces, including the Isle of
Youth. In all, over 368,000 people were
ordered to evacuate.
In Florida a mandatory evacuation of residents was
ordered for the Florida Keys in Monroe
County and those in Collier County living West
g e o f H u r ricane or South of US 41. County offices, schools
Radar ima d f a l l i n South and courts were closed Monday, October 24.
ing la n
Wilma mak At least 300 Keys evacuees were housed at
Florida the Monroe County shelter at Florida
International…read more

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Physical Environment
Wilma claimed one death in Jamaica as a
Tropical depression on Sunday, October 16.
pounded the island for three days ending on
October 18, 2005, flooding several low-lying
Communities. Mudslides were triggered from
the outer bands in Haiti, killing at least 12
Heavy rainfall caused more than $187 million
in crop damage on the island of Jamaica
Coastal flooding was reported in many areas
due to Wilma's storm surge and flooding
From the outer bands, particularly around
Rainfall amounts in excess of 23 inches were
reported in several areas…read more

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Built Environment
Mudslides caused damage to Many of the roads
leading to them becoming blocked and damage to
many of the houses in its path.
television reports indicated extensive structural
damage throughout the Cancún area aswell as
downed television lines and fallen debris, there was
also widespread destruction of critical
infrastructure including power, water and sewer
Several homes had also collapsed.
One gymnasium used as a shelter lost its roof, which
forced the evacuation of more than 1,000 people
staying there
Communication was initially limited, as telephone
and electric services were completely out in the
affected areas
In Cuba, a bus carrying evacuees crashed, killing
four people, including three foreign tourists.…read more

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