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William Paley's Watch…read more

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...Its complexity
· During one of your planetary strolls on Planet Earth (you are
from the furthest planet in the universe), you begin to get a
little bored with common things such as grass, trees,
concrete and glass etc.
· Just before you are about to board your spaceship, you hear a
ticking noise ­ unlike anything you've heard before. You
glance down and there, just in front of your left foot, you
find a contraption the human martians call "a watch".
· You feel the beautiful straps and tap the shiny glass; you
glance at the three hands, each moving at an individual
pace; you notice the different numbers each positioned at
precise points; you turn the watch around and then you're
breath is taken observe the cogs and wheels,
springs and screws, each with a different purpose, but all
working together to fulfil their ultimate purpose: to tell the
time.…read more

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· "How wonderful", you think. "How amazing this device is,
that it categorises the eternal concept of time!"
· "Something as intricate as this cannot simply have come
into being by itself ­ why, everything is so detailed and
thought through!"
· "No," you tell yourself, "no, this here in my hand must have
been designed by something far greater than itself..."
· As you ponder this, you are struck by its consistency and
steady, perfect, rhythm. Even when you gently shake it, not
one cog, nor spring, nor wheel falls out of sync, or out of
place. You are amazed.
· "Yes," you conclude, "it is certain this has been thought of,
planned, designed, and then crafted to become that which I
am holding in my hand at this moment in time..."
· "...thirty-four minutes past four" you calculate.…read more

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...Its comparison
· Before you hop back home, you put on your special science
specs and view the world around you with different eyes.
Then you see some things which leave you even more
breathless than you were before. (It is possible you are
developing asthma.)
· For instance: you notice the constant recycle of oxygen and
carbon dioxide between the trees and the human martians;
you notice the constant renewal of blood and skin cells in
animals and human martians; you look deeper at the human
martian eye and view its complexity, as complex as the
watch, if not more so. Then you raise your head to the sky
and see every planet, star, and rock between where you're
standing and your home planet. The awesome density of the
universe is far more astounding than any watch or even any
· "Surely, if the watch has a maker, the universe must have as
well," you contemplate.…read more

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· Suddenly you get a call from your arch-enemy, Al. "Haha! I
know all you were thinking (it was posted on Facebook) and I
think it is stupid! Let me tell you why:
· Have you not heard of the Theory of Evolution by Charles
Darwin? Since the process of natural selection, where the fittest
survive and the rest either die out or adapt, happens by chance,
species really designed themselves. There is no need for a
· And another thing, who is to say there are not many Creators
instead of one? The watch is not just made by one person, but
each part of the process is delegated to different people.
· You haven't seen it yet, but sometimes a watch stops." (You
gasp at this.) "Yes, just like the watch, the world has problems
too: there is evil and suffering. If there is a Creator, He
obviously isn't very good.
· And no wonder, because according to you, He created Himself.
So what about Him? Who created your Creator guy, if he is so
genius as to design and produce all these complex things, surely…read more

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...Your response
· "Al, thank you for taking the time to call. To refer to your first
point, the Theory of Evolution, why do you presume God could have
played no part in this? If anything, God's characteristic of
omnipotence and omniscience (all-powerful and all-knowing, FYI)
suggests He could have created the universe and evolved life forms
in all capability and knowledge of how it would turn out. If God
truly is eternal, then it's clear He has plenty of time to waste." You
smartly retort.
· And if God truly is omnipotent, what need does He have for help in
the Creation of the universe?
· You have seen how the human martians are so stubbornly
destroying their planet, don't you think as a result of their own
awful, selfish, simple needs, they could have brought most of the
evil and suffering on themselves?
· Your friend Darwin's Theory only really attempts to explain the
science of existence. What about emotions, instincts, desires and
thoughts? Even the human martians feel these things, Al. Could
such powerful features of life arrive simply by chance?
· Please answer me these questions Al. If not, get lost on some
extra-terrestrial planet, never to be seen again. Anyway, The…read more


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