William Harvey- findings and importance

William Harvey- findings and importance

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William Harvey - Renaissance
He worked on Anatomical Knowledge
He figure out that the heart was a pump, and it pumped blood around the body on a one-way system
Before Harvey, people believed that blood was made in the liver, and used up like a fuel.
Galen had said that the blood passes from one side of the heart to the other through tiny holes in the septum, Harvey proved this was wrong.
Why was he important?
Like Vesalius, Harvey's discoveries encouraged people to challenge old ideas, and not just to accept things. This is really important, as this
is how we discover new things and think of our own ideas.
Also now people knew that blood wasn't made in the liver, so there was no continuous supply, so they must replace blood if it is lost.
Blood transfusions would not come until later, but Harvey's work paved the way for further developments.


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