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Nineteen Twenty One by Adam Thorpe
First published in 2001
AFTERMATH OF WAR: `a man goes to war, does something that spears him on a shaft of guilt.
Breaks him inwardly. He wrote the words INWARD WOUND very large across the middle of a sheet
of paper, and underlined…

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Regeneration by Pat Barker
First published in 1991
AFTERMATH OF WAR/FRONT LINE: `He knew he was shivering more with fear than cold, though it
was difficult to name the fear. The place, perhaps. The haunted faces, the stammers, the stumbling
walks, that indefinable looks of being `mental'. Craiglockhart frightened him…

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First published in 2005
CHANGE IN MEN: Willie arrives back home to Dublin. He is first greeted by Maud who did not
recognise him, followed by Annie. Willies father washes him and rids him of nits. War changes men
not only mentally but also physically to the point where family…

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DEATH: "the roaring or Death and the smallest thing was a man" ­ Capitalisation shows the
importance and power death has.

DEATH: `They buried the five hundred men, five hundred vanished hearts.' (page 53)

DEATH: `lads that had never seen a moment of battle till that moment of their death.'…

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MISSING HOME/LOVED ONES: "he wondered what spring would be looking like" "he thought how
beautiful Gretta was" "Weeks and weeks and weeks he had waited for a letter from Gretta" "he
hoped, she loved him" "hunkering down to read such letters" (page 37)

MISSING HOME/LOVED ONES/FUTURE: `He thought how young…

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WAR'S A DANCE: `drear paintings and the atrocious music of the front line' (page 146)

WAR'S A GAME: `traipsing about all over the football pitch'

WAR'S A GAME: `he hauled his German' ­ his responsibility or property, he won a prize in the game
that is war.

WOMEN: A girl…

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Vera Brittan (TV episode)
BREAKING STEREOTYPE: Vera doesn't believe in an after life unlike the majority of people at the

(DISPLEASURE IN) HIGHER CLASS LIFE: £250 spent on a piano for Vera which she doesn't enjoy
playing. Vera appears displeased with singing/ playing the piano for others in her…

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INCOMPETENCE OF THOSE IN CHARGE: Those who are important in the decision making are
arrogant that they will win and are determined to regardless of how many men they may lose. They
make terrible plans causing 60 000 men die, yet they go forward and order more attacks ­ inevitably…

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PUBLIC NAIVETY: Concerns for their own petty difficulties, not understanding of what's going on at

PUBLIC NAIVETY/NO RESPECT: Mourning women wear a black dress ­ she looks `gorgeous' ­ not

PUBLIC VIEW ON WAR: "They're all the same" (said by the boy looking through a screen at

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War Girls by Jessie Pope: "tackle jobs with energy and knack./No longer caged and penned up"
The Call by Jessie Pope: "Banners and rolling drums--/Who'll stand and bite his thumbs--/Will you,
my laddie?"


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