Why was the provisional government so short lived?


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Why was the provisional government so short lived?
Kerensky offensive
· June 1917- offensive to Germany
· Launched Russian soldiers= 400,000 dead-Kerensky PM of prov gov- made people angry- they didn't
want them to stay for long
· Embraced war- front line speeches-Dedication & support- could have lasted longer if he had given
more hope/equipped better to cause less deaths
Return of lenin
· Switzerland in feb rev-Germans helped him to get to Russia illegally- would cause rev so country
could be beaten easily
· 3rd of april- 1st speech in Petrograd
· 2nd speech "bread,peace,land"- power to the soviets- promised them alot-gave them the hope that
prov gov didn't- gov in war becoz of money, food was scarce, land was ineffective
· Encouraged Bolsh to revolt- so they were going to destroy prov gov
· Continued to fight for loan & duty- was this for real
· Deaths blamed ­ put in hard situation
· Lost territory in Poland & Western Russia- patriotic angry
In June 1917, it organised an attack on Austria. When the attack failed, people
began to turn against the government
Instead, they started to follow Lenin whose welcome message was: 'Peace,
bread, land'
as desertions increased, it set up death squads to hunt down and execute
unable to end the shortages of food and fuel in Petrograd
· Seized back their land-Uneffective land bank- shouldn't have concentrated as food ppl & were
majority-chance to improve in wt tsar had failed in doing
· Distracted by war so couldn't act effectively
In the countryside, peasants started taking over the land of the nobles, many of
whom had run away
The Provisional Government sent soldiers to take the land back by force.

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· No Bolsh/ Mensh= high opposition-should have been more equal- not eliminating previous
· No experience- how were they to deal with problems left behind by Tsarist system- not them to
blame but should have tried to get others to help
· Wealthy so couldn't relate to them- 80% were peasants
· Made up of members from the duma- some sort of experience
· Temporary- was meant to be like that
· Britain & France happy as democratic now- this was new so…read more

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