Why Stalin wanted to collectivise agriculture- AS history Edexcel

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Reasons Stalin wanted to collectivise Russian agriculture
Communism done little to change Russian agriculture
Peasants ­traditional farming techniques- attitudes remained conventional- lacked
revolutionary spirit
Essential if capitalist peasants were to embrace communism
Autumn 1926- record grain harvest poorer in 1926,7,8,9
Decrease in productions- increase of agricultural products
Standard of living decreasing- urban workers
Decrease in agriculture affected gov- since 1921 sell grain surpluses- build Russian industry
Large farms= more effective- sell surpluses overseas for industrialization = higher standard
of living for urban workers
Motivated by his struggle against Bukharin & right wing
Radical nature appealed to left wing
More appealing than Right wing alternative of importing grain
Little knowledge about agriculture= unsympathetic view of agriculture- peasants that
refused to cooperate= terrorists & enemies of the people who should be shown no mercy


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