Why Journey's End is not moving (quotes and explanations)

An overview of as to why Journey's End is not moving

an exercise done in lesson, so no personal opinions, includes context, quotes and explanation

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P68- "...what on earth should I do without you?" This is not moving as it only shows how
weak the men became and how they had to rely on each other showing weakness and vulnerability
instead of what most would perceive as emotional and playing on people's emotions and making
them feel moved by what he has just said, it is just something he wishes to say, not an effective way
of making you feel upset, happy, mournful or angry.
P68- {He takes a letter and his watch from his tunic pocket and pouts it on the table. The he pulls off
his ring} This does not show emotion, it just shows Osborn going into battle, fighting
for his country and being strong and courageous, it does not play on your emotions and just shows his
dealing with his situation and taking precautions incase he doesn't make it, he's
P85- "My God! You bloody little swine! You think I don't care ­ you think you're the only soul that
cares!...To forget you little fool ­ to forget! D'you understand? To forget! You think there's no limit
to what a man can bear?" This scene just shows a man getting over emotional,
using disrespectful language and being very offensive, it does not show Journey's end to be moving
at all, no directions or phrases have been used to engage with the audiences/readers emotions.
P76- [Colonel talking to Stanhope about the raid just gone] This is not moving as it
does not use any types of techniques that would make the audience/reader feel moved over it.
Although it does imply the situation to be awkward it does not imply anything else.
P81-"Oh, for Gods sake forget that bloody raid! Think i want to talk about it?" This shows
Stanhope to be an irrational person, getting angry over matters which yes he may be upset about
but he has no reason to shout at his men, they are talking about what has passed, some find it easier
to talk about it to help them cope, but Stanhope is just abusive towards his men being rude and awful
P13-"And because he's stuck it till his nerves have got battered to bits, he's a drunkard."
nnnnnnnnnThis shows how weak some men were drinking which would stop them doing their duty to
their full ability, but also is he is drinking because it helps him to forget and cope, then it is just a fact
of life in the trenches that theta was a way to cope with situations without doing things which are
over irrational.
P83- " I thought i told you to come to dinner at eight o'clock?" Stanhope is being
aggressive towards his lieutenant Raleigh who is a co-worker and should be respected and treated
fairly instead of verbally abused, he has done this continuously thorough out the play which can make
you feel hostile towards him as he is indecent towards this men a=or some of them as we find
throughout the play as he is disrespectful towards trotter as he has worked his way through the
ranks from a working class background and Raleigh who he is always horrible to and treats unfairly
and in a way cruelly considering how Raleigh idolises him and how they used to in Raleigh's eyes be
good friends. There i also the scene with the letter censoring where Stanhope is being paranoid
about Raleigh writing something about him to his sister who he had a relationship with prior to the
wart and still doe, though he is ashamed of the condition he is in which is his own fault as he has
death with his anxieties with drinking, and if he does feel ashamed of it he should deal with his
anxieties in another way to stop his self loathing


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