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Why has boys making slower progress?

Changes in the job market/status frustration
Some commentators, notably Mac an Ghaill, suggest that working-class boys are experiencing a `crisis of masculinity'.
They are socialised into seeing their future male identity and role in terms of having a job and being a `breadwinner'.

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There are signs that boys' overconfidence may blind them to what is actually required when they fail exams and tend to put their failure
down to bad luck rather than lack of effort.
On the other hand, girls are more realistic, even self-doubting, and try that much harder in order…

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Also, Francis notes that boys are more likely to have career aspirations that are not unrealistic, but likely to require academic success,
e.g professional footballer, whereas girls' career ambitions more often require academic success e.g doctor, and hence a commitment
to schoolwork.


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