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Why does my heart feel so bad?
Area of study 3
Speed of 98 BPM…read more

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· Panning ­ sound goes from left to right
· Reverb ­ lots of echo to make it sound old.
· Eq ­ sounds for Equaliser
· Delay…read more

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· Verse 1 = A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
· Chorus = Bx1, By1
· V2 = A6, A7
· Chorus = Bx2, By2, By3
· Outro = A8…read more

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· You vocal samples were used one male and
one female. The male sample was taken from
a gospel choir in 1953. This sample is very
untidy because you can hear traffic in the
background. This is because in 1953 they did
not have the same sound proofing equipment
as today.…read more

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Verse 1
· Limited chords are used
· First vocal sample is introduced
· Electrical instruments used like drums.
· The string synth is used to create a call and
response with the vocals.
· At the end of verse one the bass is added and the
chords are stationed for 2 bars to create a thicker
· Syncopated version of the chords are used in A5.…read more

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Chorus and Verse 2
· In the middle of the key change it goes from
the key of A Minor to the key of C Major.
· Limited chords are used again.
· In the second verse the second set of vocals
acts as a call and response.
· The texture becomes much thinner.…read more


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