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· When plants do not get enough nitrogen it
will not grow very well and make the leaves
go yellow
· All plants need nitrogen to make amino
acids and proteins.
· Nitrogen is a limiting factor for plant
· The nitrogen in the air is not a form plants
can use.…read more

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· Plants need phosphate to stimulate root
development and flowering.
· It allows plants to convert carbon dioxide
into oxygen.
· It can decrease the bacteria growth on a
plants leaves.
· It keeps it's inner skeletal structures strong.…read more

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· It is required for the synthesis of
Chlorophyll molecules.
· Without magnesium the plant will die
because it will not be able to photosynthesise
as there will be no energy for growth and
· It is absorbed through the soil.
· Can cause yellow leaves.…read more

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· It is essential for photosynthesis and
· It affects the growth of plants.
· Without potassium it can cause poor flower
development, plant leaves looking scorched
or curling at the tips.
· Potassium aids the enzymes promoting
plant life.…read more

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· Xylem helps plants take in minerals.
· The root hair cells have carrier molecules on
their surface that pick up the minerals and
move them into the cell against the
concentration gradient. This requires
energy, and is called active transport.…read more


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