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Why do People Obey?
~ Mailgram's participants were determined to absolve themselves from personal
responsibility. If a person denies responsibility for their actions and says that they
are only carrying out orders, they are in the agentic state. People are more likely to
obey if they are in the agentic…

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considerable social support for one another. Also the power/status relationships
that exist in the outside world cannot be replicated in a lab.
4) :-( Clark et al has found that when the majority group size was bigger than 4,
there was a huge drop in influence, this rises questions over…

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cultures (e.g. African) were more likely conform than members of more individualistic
cultures (e.g. American), this means that the findings cannot be universally applied.
5) :-( Perrin and Spencer have called the study `a child of its time' as their more
recent replications have not found similar results, this could…

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Ethics: Consent and right to withdraw- people are not usually aware data is being
collected and use of findings

Naturalistic Observations Behaviour is observed and recorded in a natural setting;
no deliberate attempt of manipulating variables is made. No attempt of the
investigator to influence behaviour observed. Used when setting…


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