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Women In Paid Employment
Women who have been in a marriage for years have become financially
dependant upon their husbands. Due this few people feel they can
divorce their husband as without them they wouldn't be able to get by.
Unless they are economically independent, then they are restricted from
getting a divorce. This is a theory of Kurz (1995)
Over the last 50 years, women who are married have had much improved
economic prospects. Women are now in full time work and no longer
have to stay at home to look after the home and family. This makes them
more likely to request a divorce if they can provide for themselves and
then will not put up with an unhappy marriage.
Divorce now takes into account the economic issues women getting a
divorce may face and welfare benefits have been improved. Most women
are worse off after divorce financially but feel more happier. This was a
theory from Allan and Crow (2001).…read more

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Expectations And Value Of Marriage
The expectations of marriage have changed compared to what it was in
the 1950s (especially amongst women). This has resulted with an
increase of unstable married relationships. Functionalists believe
people expect more from marriage and due to them knowing no
different, they put up with being in an unhappy relationship and less
likely to end it in divorce.
One main source that coastally enforces the idea of what a perfect
marriage life is, is the mass media. They give us an insight through
the use of images and an insight into others relationships. Earlier
generations didn't have this so there expectations wouldn't have
been so high and would have been more satisfied with what they
had. Due to the mass media being everywhere it is hard to escape
and avoid sp these messages are always going to be placed into
peoples heads.
If divorces do occur, it goes to show that people are putting higher
expectations on marriage. However, many remarry so it shows that
people aren't entirely dissatisfied as they are willing to try again. This
is an argument that was put forward by Ronald Fletcher (1966)…read more

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Changing Social values And
As the 20th century went on, people became more tolerant to the
idea of divorce and if people weren't happy then they were not
afraid to get a divorce instead of staying together for the sake of
Divorce can now be seen as a norm to some people who are
unhappy with the relationship they are in. It no longer hinders
careers and people no-longer feel they have to tolerate a failing
marriage so divorce has become the norm to end a marriage and
as it's more acceptable it's easier to deal with the failure of a
marriage. This was the ideas of Cockett and Tripp (1994)…read more

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Today there is a decline in religious belief. This has lead to
religion having little significance within a marriage. This has
meant that today divorce isn't seen as breaking solemn
vowels and there are less things that are seen as being
morally wrong. Due to this, it has increased the divorce rate as
it is no longer seen as being in a sin to break the vowels that
were made in marriage.
It is believed by churches and religious groups that allowing
religion into a relationship can make it stronger with less
chance of a divorce as people wouldn't want to disobey what
is written within the bible or other holy books.…read more

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Feminists see that the family and a relationship is very male
dominated. There are still many things that are unequal within the
family in the eyes of feminists and work isn't shared equally as
women can end up having a double burden. This means women
feel more dissatisfied with marriage than men as they take on a
larger work load.
Diana Grittins (1993) believed that it is men who are most likely to
remarry after getting a divorce as they (unlike women) are not
disillusioned with marriage. Women realise there is more
pressure to keep a marriage running smoothly to prevent a
divorce occurring.
Feminists believe that women are most likely to be dissatisfied with
marriage but due to them not being financially independent they
rely upon their husband especially if they have dependant
children.…read more

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