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American weaknesses
The Americans `Search and Destroy' tactics were
useless against the Vietcong's `Guerrilla' tactics
American troops were not used to the Vietnam
landscape ­ and had been trained for face-to-face
The young, inexperienced troops were not used
to the environment
Lack of morale
Lack of experience ­ most of the troops had never
been in battle before
Lack of support back home
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The importance of the
America had very little support at home,
and American people were angry that
soldiers were being killed and wounded
in an "unnecessary" war
There were student protests all over
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Vietcong strengths
Guerrilla tactics
Knowledge of their land
Assistance from China and the USSR
Efficient supply lines ­ Ho Chi Minh
Support from South Vietnamese
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The Americans lost the war because
their loud, brash tactics which
centred around technology were
useless in a country where the
people knew the land and used
Guerrilla tactics well. America also
had very little support back home ­
which meant a lack of morale for the
troops who were young and
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