Why did the Reds win the Civil war?

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Why did the Reds win the Civil war?
Bolsh control of Petrograd & Moscow
New Capital- Moscow- hub of railway= easier to transport men & munitions
Contained main armament factories = continue producing war materials
Heavily populated= easy to conscript
Whites scatted around= communications difficult
Trotksy- superb- inspire & rally men
Discipline was tough
Whites- little natural warmth / support for leaders- many dissertation- indiscipline &
Peasants support- crucial- supplied the main body of soldiers for both sides
Inclided to support reds- whites planned to return land to land owners WHEREAS Lenin
legitimised their right land
Unity & Organisation
Bolsh- single unified command structure
Trotsky reorganised the army into an effective fighting form
Whites- different groups- couldn't agree- little change of developing a co-ordinated military
Other factors
Foreign intervention should ahve worked for the WHITEs BUT was ½ hearted& ineffective &
stopped after war over
Bolsh- propaganda coup- protectors of Russia
Whites did not see importance of propaganda as much as Reds
Reds- imaginative & powerful images- whites taking away land from peasants


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