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Why did the Labour Party win
the 1945 election?…read more

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Anti ­ Conservative Pro-Labour
· Conservatives help responsible for the · Labours manifesto `let us face the future'
depression, unemployment & `men of Munich' promised greater state interventions to improve
(appeasement), not enthusiastic about plans for lives, Labour offering a collectivist approach ­
post-war reform ­ critical about welfare state & more state intervention acceptable as people
Beveridge report, Churchill thought Beveridge became used to rationing, blitz, evacuation &
too expensive to implement & too socialist & conscription.
claimed Daily Mail published article saying · Middle class acknowledgement on fact more
Labour would introduce `Gestapo-like approach needed to be done for poor, Labour promised a
to governing' ­ strongly against popular mood fairer more equal society.
that viewed Labour as standing for equal & fair · Labour politicians had experience of
society (this comment lost Conservatives Government during war ­ party was dynamic &
valuable electoral support). confident, Labour wasn't challenged by other
· Churchill dint want to promise anything parties other than Conservatives.
remembering Lloyd Georges empty promises of · Labour willing to introduce recommendations of
`homes fit for heroes' ­ los lost him his Prime Ministerial
Beveridge report, people wanted social reform,
· Conservatives poorly organised & were concentrating on
`a revolution',& universal benefits ­ Labour
war effort rather than post-war Britain, Churchill dint associated with the reports slogan, `Freedom
have time to collaborate proper manifesto & relied on from Want'.
his war record ­ people sceptical of how well Churchill
could solve problems from `five giants': want, squalor,
idleness, disease & ignorance
· Atlee commented before election in response to
Gestapo comment, " how great was the difference
between Churchill great leader in a war & Churchill
leader of Conservatives."…read more

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The Results No other rivals
· General Election called 5th May 1945 ­ · Liberals fortunes had dwindled
landslide victory for Labour dramatically and they no longer rivalled
· Labour gained 393 seats, Liberals gained either the Conservatives & Labour parties.
12 seats · Other socialist parties were insignificant
· For many it was an outstanding victory for · Due to `First Past The Post' system, even if
Labour Party as Churchill (Conservative other parties, such as the Liberals, gained
leader) was viewed as the wartime hero. some support they would never have
been in contention for winning the
election.…read more


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