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Détente 1967 - 1975
1967 ­ Outer Space Treaty
prevent arms race ascending into space
no nuclear weapons in space
1968 ­ Nuclear non-proliferation treaty
super-powers would not help develop/supply/or create nuclear
weapons for other countries.
1972 ­ Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty ­ SALT 1
limited nuclear capabilities
no more short-range missiles
No nuclear submarines
1975 ­ Helsinki conference
super-powers would trade, work together to fight international
terrorism, USSR would respect human rights, recognise USSR
control of eastern Europe
1975 ­ Apollo-Soyuz Mission "The High Handshake"
Joint space mission…read more

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1967 ­ Outer
space Treaty
1968 ­ Nuclear
1972 ­ SALT 1
1975 -
1975 ­
Time…read more

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Collapse of Détente
1978 ­ Kabul revolution:
Afghanistan's government overthrown by communist
PDPA (people's democratic party of Afghanistan);
Brezhnev supports new president (Taraki) ­ power in oil
rich middle east.
1979 ­ Civil War ­ government = unstable
Taraki forced to make head of army (Amin) prime
A assassinates T and becomes president
1979 ­ soviet invasion, justified by treaty of
Feared A would make it an Islamic state = influence
others to turn = loss of power, A = American spy…read more

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1979 ­ end of negotiations for SALT 2
1980 - Jimmy Carter = Carter Doctrine ­ USSR
cannot control territory,
Supported freedom fighters with: weapons and
funds with china and Israel
stopped trade and diplomacy with the USSR
1980 - America boycotts Moscow Olympics ­ 60
other countries
1981 ­ Reagan = Zero option
Us would not deploy if USSR removes W. Europe
targeted missiles
1984 ­ USSR boycotts the LA Olympics (14…read more

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The Second Cold War ( 1979 ­
New low in relations, nuclear war = possibility,
public anxiety
1983 ­ Reagan's = Evil Empire Speech,
hated détente = compromise, appeasing USSR
USSR caught up in arms race, limited US capabilities in
nuclear power and strength
1983 - SDI ­ Strategic defence initiative "star wars"
Nuclear Umbrella ­ stop bombs ­ powerful satellites
with lasers to destroy approaching missiles
USSR missiles = useless, forced to disarm
Broke outer space treaty (1967) = no limited nuclear
stock piles, space tech for peace only.
threatened USSR, looked weak, pressure…read more

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