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Why did the Cold War Begin? ­ SUMMARY

Two ideologies of capitalism and communism are inherently opposed.
Impossible for them to inhabit large parts of the same world without
Marxist-Leninism explicitly aimed for the overthrow of capitalism in a
world revolution
As an ideological conflict the origins lie…

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Accused Tito of long list of ideological and political crimes and put
pressure on other E bloc states to support Soviet line.
o Shows how Stalin was determined to be single most powerful
communist and did not want any challengers.
Further evidence of Soviet expansion revealed by events in Greece…

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agreed to help USA defeat Japan- now meant that USSR had no part in
occupation of Japan. All this did was encourage Stalin to develop his own
bomb as soon as possible
Aggressive actions of US came as early as 1946 with George Kennan's
`Long Telegram'. This provided an analysis…

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o Radio Free Europe broadcast anti-Soviet propaganda to the states
behind the Iron Curtain and was set up and paid for by US
USA knew that the unity of the Soviet bloc was relatively fragile
compared to the West as it was essentially held together by coercion
and had no…

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o Situation in Europe provided Stalin with an opportunity to create
a buffer zone
o In this respect the policy should be seen as the product of Soviet
weakness rather than its strength.
The Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939 was an acknowledgement of the weakness
of the USSR as Stalin had…

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Circumstances produced by WW2 were very unique: power vacuum,
devastated economies needing reconstruction, increase in mistrust and
suspicion. Thus situation provided plenty of opportunities for a Cold
War to develop.
WW2 provided the unique conditions which allowed CW to emerge
o Power vacuum
o Emergence of 2 superpowers


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