Who was the SS?

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Who was the SS?
What was the SS:
Body guards for Hitler & NSDAP
Helped conduct the Night of the long knives
They were an elite squadron (ARYAN RACE)
Heinrich Himmler = leader of the SS
June 1936, became branch of the SS ran by Himmler
Tapped phones, intercepted mail & get info from informers
Watched to see that noone was challenging Hitler
Useful informers:
Activist were the "eyes and ears" of the party
Reports compiled on any form of opposition: telling "antiHitler jokes:
Refusing to salute to Hitler: not flying the Nazi flag
Terror state:
Relied on people telling on others about what happened in a concentration
People's house could be searched anytime without reason
Everyone knew someone who went into a concentration camp
Promoted ideology of natural selection
Tried to create perfect German that exemplified power
Concentration camps:
Ran concentration camps

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Who was the SS?
Put enemies of state in them & normal civilians to keep fear high
Eventually expanded to 20 concentration camps > Auschwitz being the
They then made prisoners work before they killed them…read more


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