Who gained the most from detente?

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Who gained the most from détente?
Recognition of their Eastern Europe sphere of Got rid of grain and received money for it
influence, agreed at Helsinki Accords 1975
(Basket One). This meant their security was
assured and legitimised their buffer zone.
Received desperately needed grain- no more SALT agreements- they could continue the Arms
importing from India Race with the development of MIRV missiles
SALT agreements- allowed them to limit arms Gained concessions on human rights, via
race but continue it (with MIRV missiles, plus international law
due to the freezing of ICBMs the USSR had an
advantage (USSR; 1618, USA:1054)
Got the high (computer) techonology needed- Helped them to get out of Vietnam
trade in Basket 2 at Helsinki
West Germany no longer claimed to be sole Political propaganda- following positive foreign
government of Germany; full diplomatic policy. Peace makers rather then warmongers
recognition given to East Germany in Basic
Treaty December 1972
Downside: Conceded on human rights, Helsinki Berlin was secure and they no longer were
Basket 3. However, they ignored this, much to concerned for it (Four Powers Agreement), again
the annoyance to the people of USSR and through international law.
Eastern Europe. Ford= "ticking time bomb".
Europe stable and secure through Ostpolitik

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Allowed access to Soviet oil and gas- helped in
oil crisis
Downside: US had to recognise the Eastern
Europe Soviet bloc- "An American seal of
approval on Soviet empire in Eastern Europe"-
Bold highlights the policy of linkage- linking something you want with something the other
side wants.…read more


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