Who discovered atomic structure

This is from C4: The Periodic Table. This is from research for a chemistry controllled assessment. I got 6 marks for this but i guess it can be used for any exam board and even for just a reasearch homework. I recommend doing simple wikipedia, it is really reliable and brings things down to around a GCSE level

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Who Discovered Atomic Structure

Democritus was a Greek philosopher who lived around, 460 BC. He was the first to think up the atom, he
even gave it the name `atom' meaning `indivisible'. He believed that if you cut something in half again and
again you would soon have to stop;…

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I used this source because it a simple version of a complex article. Most people don't trust Wikipedia but I
didn't just use that, I used other websites to back up the information I have found on Wikipedia


I used this source because it was specifically…


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