Who benefitted under Hitlers rule?

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What people benefitted under Hitler's rule?
Nazi party members
-Benefitted the most with the best jobs, houses and power over the people
Ordinary people
-For people who followed the Nazi regime, Hitler's rule benefitted them
-Nazi economic policies gave full employment and benefits (e.g. strength through
joy) and financial security
-Beauty of work movement gave workers pride in their job
-There was law and order
-Improved transport
-Mass rallies and propaganda gave people hope
-Nazi ideas of race gave people self-belief
-Wages fell and strikers could be shot
-Loss of personal freedoms
-All culture had to be German e.g. no books by Jews or un-German art
-Role of woman was child bearer and housewife
-Law for the encouragement of marriage gave couples 1000 marks and allowed
them to keep 250 marks for every child they had
-Women were given medals when they had children
-They were expected to not wear make up or style their hair, they were expected
to dress like traditional Germans
-Job discrimination- women were dismissed from jobs in 1934 and told to stay at
home to raise a family
-1934-10 commandments for choice of spouse
-Homes for unmarried mothers were set up where they could become pregnant
by SS officers
Most German young people were happy:
Nazi culture was very youth-oriented.
The HJ provided exciting activities for young boys.
The HJ and the BDM treated young men and women as though they were special, and told then they
had knew more then their parents.
Many parents were frightened that their children would report them to the Gestapo, which gave
young people a power that they enjoyed.
But not all young people were happy with the Nazi regime:
SOME girls were unhappy with the emphasis on the three Cs (Church, children, cooker).
Girls who were regarded as true Aryan girls were sent off to special camps where they were bred
(like farm animals) with selected 'Aryan' boys.
Towards the end of the war, youth gangs such as the Eidelweiss Pirates grew up, rejecting the HJ
and Nazi youth culture, drinking and dancing to American jazz and 'swing' music.
In Cologne in 1944 they sheltered army deserters and even attacked the Gestapo

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Many children resented that their usual youth groups were banned after 1935 and replaced with
the Hitler youth. Where membership was compulsory
-Nazis dealt with anyone who spoke out against them
-they were dealt with quickly and many were put into concentration camps
-Trade unions were shut down
-Communists attacked and sent to camps
-children were encouraged to report their parents if they spoke out against Hitler
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