Where I Live

Vocabulary for GCSE Spanish for topic "where i live".

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Donde Vives
En el este/oeste/norte/sur In the east/west/north/south
Lo único The only thing
Hay mas sitios There are more places
Mucha contaminación Lots of contamination
Mucha polución Lots of pollution
Ruidoso Noisy
Las afueras The outskirts
Un barrio A district
Recomendaría I would recommend
Rápido Fast
Fácil Easy
La iglesia The church
Industrial Industrial
Viejo Old
Edificios Buildings
Turístico Touristy
Hoy Today
Hace buen/mal tiempo The weather is good/bad
Hay hielo It's icy
Hay niebla It's foggy
Esta cubierto/nublado It's overcast/cloudy
Esta lloviendo/nevando It's raining/snowing
Hay tormenta It's stormy
La lluvia The rain
La nieve The snow
La sombra The shade
Va a llover It's going to rain


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