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happens in the...
By Katie and Sonia…read more

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O Photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are found in
photosynthetic cells of green plants and algae.
O It is an organelle which is bound by a double membrane and has a
system of stacked flattened sacs called thylakoids, each stack is
called a granum.
O The internal fluid also within the membrane is the
stroma which contains enzymes along with the
thylakoid space involved in photosynthesis
O Each thylakoid membrane has a series of
photosystems containing chlorophyll:
a photosynthetic pigment which traps
light energy for use in photosynthesis.
O They are found on the palisade cells of a leaf…read more

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Where are they found?
They are found
in plant cells only.
This is the
chloroplast on a
simple diagram.…read more

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What do they look like?
Electron microscope
images…read more

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Parts of the Chloroplast
O Thylakoid membrane = A system of
interconnected flattened, fluid-filled sacs. Have a
number of small molecules in them like proteins
including photosynthetic pigments (make the
leaf green) and electron carriers which help in
the light dependant stages
O Stroma = the fluid surrounding the thylakoid
membranes. Contains all the enzymes needed to
carry out the light- independent reactions of
photosynthesis.…read more

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O Thylakoid Space = the
fluid within the
thylakoid membrance
sacs which contain
enzymes for photolysis
(the splitting of water
using light energy to
give oxygen, hydrogen
ions and electrons. The
hydrogen ions are used
in the light-dependant
O Granum = a stack of
thylakoids joined to
one another. Grana
(plural) resemble
stacks of coins.…read more

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