What you need to know for a Grade A

The kind of stuff you need to know for maths in module 9 or to get an A, you can ignore the table headings 'Revision Ex' and 'Book Reference' because its for a text you that you might not have (and I don't have a clue which one it is:P).

I got it from school. Enjoy :D

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Self Assessment Module 9
Objective Revision Ex
N9.2 Estimate or check a calculation (including those with
A1 pg 26 Q1 Chapter 1 pg 1
standard form) by rounding to 1 significant figure
A9.3 Multiply out brackets e.g. (2a+b)(3a-4b) and expressions
A1 Q2,3 Chapter 2 pg 4-8
e.g. 2ab2 x 3a3b4
A9.3 Factorise expressions including quadratics
A1 Q4,5,6 Chapter 2 pg 9-16
e.g. 2x2-15x-8, x2-16
A9.3 Simplify expressions with fractions
e.g. x2+3x+2 A1 Q7 Chapter 2 pg 17
A9.3 Solve quadratic equations by factorising not in book use
e.g. solve 2x2-15x-8=0 My maths
A9.2 Form and use equations involving direct or inverse Chapter 3 pg
A1 Q8,9,10
proportion 18-25
N9.3 Use fractional, negative and zero powers in simplifying Chapter 4 pg
B1 pg 51 Q1-8
numerical expressions, including the use of prime factors 28-32
A9.1 Rearrange formulae, including where the subject appears
Chapter 5 pg
twice, has a fraction or has a power B1 Q9-10
e.g. s ­ 2ax = b(x-s) make x the subject
S9.3 Solve problems involving the lengths of arcs, areas of Chapter 6 pg
B1 Q 11-15
sectors and the volume of pyramids, cones and spheres. 35-44
N9.1 Use calculators or written methods to calculate the upper
Chapter 7 pg
and lower bounds of calculations. B1 Q 16-22
S9.4 Understand and use the effect of enlargement on length,
Chapter 8 pg
area and volume of shapes and solids, including the use of negative
C1 pg 81 Q 1-3 53-55
scale factors.

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D9.1 Solve problems involving the addition or multiplication of Chapter 9 pg
C1 Q 4-10
two probabilities, including unequal and conditional probabilities. 56-69
S9.2 Use Pythagoras' theorem and trigonometry in 3D shapes,
Chapter 10 pg
including using 3-D coordinates and finding the angles between a C1 Q 11-16
line and a plane.
D9.2 Draw and interpret histograms for grouped data; understand Chapter 11 pg
D1 pg 115 Q1-3
frequency density. 83-90
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