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What scout learnt about life from her experiences?
During the first part scout is looking back on her life now she is an adult. She is only six years old at
the beginning and it is clear to see that no real mother figure means she has matured into a tomboy.
A very important event that happens in part one is a rabid dog is coming up the street and could at
any point bite a townsperson and infect them. Prior to this Scout has said "Atticus is feeble" and he
cannot do any think "he did not play poker or fish or drink or smoke" but what he did when this dog
was here changed Scouts mind. Atticus shot the dog in one clean kill going against everything that
Scout thought of him. She now looked at him in a different light. This event taught Scout that you
should not judge a book by its cover.
During the main part of part 1 there is tension in Maycomb as Tom Robinson is about to come to trial
and be given his fate. After Atticus told her what would happen to her if she was caught fighting Cecil
Jacobs starts teasing her and saying "your daddy defends niggers". When she is confronted by this
she looks like she is going to fight him but does not she remembers what Atticus said and walks off.
This is a major event in her life as she has chosen to let it go instead of fight she showed that she was
bigger the bigger and more mature person.
Respect is something that most people earn and it is what Atticus is very good at doing. He has a lot
of respect from others and to others something, which many in Maycomb do not do. When Scout
asks, Atticus is he defended Niggers he tells her the truth yes. He then corrects her language and
tells her to call them Negros. She then asks him "Do all lawyers defend n-Negros?" correcting herself
is a tiny thing but it shows how Atticus respecting someone rubs off on her allowing her to respect
others and therefore gain their respect in the future a life lesson everybody must have.


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