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Margarita Myskovets

What Makes `Miracle On St. David's Day' such a moving poem?

Through the use of a wide range of techniques Gillian Clarke manages to play on the reader's
feelings and create a very moving poem.

Throughout the poem Clarke describes the scenes from in a very positive approach…

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"tenderly lead" the stanza ends in the middle of this line leaving the reader with the question
of where is he being led to? In their mind. The question is immediately answered in the fourth
stanza, "to his chair." Here Gillian again manages to leave a pleasant image in the…

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guess that it was the "afternoon yellow and open ­ mouthed" that triggered the memory of
the poem in the man's head and again they realise how much daffodils and the poem "The
Daffodils" means to the man.

In the penultimate stanza the reader finally receives some background knowledge on…





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