What is the work of Juries?

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1. What is the work/role of Juries?
12person group, represent the public
Decide on all issues of fact ­ who is telling the truth
Decide if defendant is guilty or not guilty
Listen to evidence given (summed up by judge)
They can decide on a verdict in anyway they like as long as it doesn't
negate their function (flip a coin, use a ouija board RvYOUNG)
Must make their judgement in a locked room in secret
Start off with a unanimous verdict but on discretion of judge allowed to reduced to
111 but no lower than 102
They elect a foreman to speak for them
Don't need to follow the law and can give a moral decision. (e.g. acquitted
Defendant charged with marijuana, even though illegal and defendant clearly guilty, as they
had been using it to treat multiple sclerosis.)
Don't give verdict/decide on law
Don't have to give reasons for their verdict.
Must give verdict based on evidence presented in court ­ cant do own
research on internet or research past case verdicts as seen as
contempt of court


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