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What is brine?

How can we make use of the products from the electrolysis of Brine?
Brine is a concentrated or saturated solution of sodium chloride in water.
The process of electrolysis uses electrical energy to produce a chemical reaction in the
sodium chloride solution which results in the formation…

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In industry the hydrogen gas must be separated from the chlorine gas or they will explode when
exposed to UV light producing hydrogen chloride. H2 + Cl2 =UV=> 2HCl

Key Points:

1. When we electrolyse brine we get three products ­ chlorine gas, hydrogen gas and
sodium hydroxide solution.


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A half-equation shows you what happens at one of the electrodes during electrolysis.
Electrons are shown as e-. A half-equation is balanced by adding, or taking away, a number
of electrons equal to the total number of charges on the ions in the equation.
At the negative electrode
Positive ions…


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