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AQA AS Geography - Rivers, Floods &
What determines the shape of a
By Carys…read more

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Firstly, there are two types of
hydrographs... Flashy and non-flashy.…read more

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Key Terms Before Factors of
· Base flow ­ normal level of river fed by
· Lag time ­ time between peak rainfall and
peak discharge.
· Peak discharge ­ the maximum point on the
graph for discharge.
· Discharge ­ quantity of water flowing through
a river measured in cumecs.…read more

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Antecedent Moisture
· Basically, how much water is in the river basin.
­ Can cause saturated soils resulting in reduced infiltration
and increased surface run-off.
­ Meaning a reduced lag time and an increased peak
discharge.…read more

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Soil Type
· Sandy soils allow a lot of infiltration
· Clay soils allow little infiltration
­ Low infiltration results in more surface run off;
lower lag time and a high peak discharge.…read more

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· Vegetation intercepts precipitation
­ Increasing lag time ­ in winter months when there
are fewer leaves on trees, there is less
interception and a high lag time.
­ Catalyst for water transportation ­ more
vegetation results in more evapotranspiration.
The more vegetation, the more water is lost so a
lower peak discharge.…read more

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