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U r b a n i s a ti o n?
What Causes
Ciara Grehan…read more

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What Causes Urbanisation?
Urbanisation is the increase in the proportion of people
living in towns and cities. Urbanisation is often caused
· Rural-urban migration ­ Movement of people from
the rural countryside to inner cities for mainly
economic reasons.
· High Rates of natural population increase ­ People
are having more children, and people who migrate
from rural areas tend to have bigger families.…read more

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Push and Pull Factors
Push Pull
· Lack of services · Job opportunities ­
· Poor transport offering better wages.
· Few job · Quality of housing
opportunities · Access to services ­
· Land Better healthcare and
fragmentation education
· Natural · Transport links
disasters · Better quality of life…read more

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Consequences of Urbanisation in
· Overcrowding ­ Often leading to shanty towns
begin built.
· Poor hygiene due to lack of sanitation and
limited health care.
· Overpopulation ­ area does not have enough
resources to serve all its inhabitants.
· High competition for jobs ­ meaning many are
unemployed, therefore living off very little.…read more

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Consequences of urbanisation in
· Pollution
· Crime rates increase
· House prices increase by a lot!
· Unemployment
· High risk of flooding…read more


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