Westward Ho! coastal landforms and management Case Study

Necessary for OCR GCSE Geography spec B

Covers the landforms present in Westward Ho! North Devon and the Hard and natural engineering management

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Coastal Landforms and Management
Westward Ho! , UK
It has a two kilometre beach and
pebble ridge
Due southwest of the beach is a
wave cut platform and the headland
The cliffs are a raised beach that has
cobbles inside ­ these are broken
down by hydraulic action and the
cobbles are carried up the beach
where they are deposited on the ridge by longshore drift
It has a westerly aspect with prevailing south westerly winds, this means
that longshore drift moves from south to north
The pebble ridge protects the erosion of the grass-land and sand dunes
or Northam Burrows which are behind it.
o It is both man-made and natural.
o Longshore drift moves the stones up the beach but the local
council moves the build up in the north, south again to maintain
the ridge and its protection.
Hard Engineering
o There is a 10-15m high man made sea wall
Sea wall isn't sustainable because it is made from polluting
o Rip Rap is placed at the base of the sea wall and along the slipway
onto the beach
Rip rap is not sustainable because it
gets washed away by longshore
o Wooden Groynes are visible on the beach
but are broken down
They're unsustainable because they
need to be replaced often due to
the sea water eroding them.


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