Welsh Heavy Industry

A small table on the different types of Welsh Heavy Industry. Includes Coal, Steel, Copper, Tinplate and slate. Show's areas, Output, % of british/global output and employment numbers.

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Welsh Heavy Industry
Area(s) Output % Of British/ Numbers
Global Output Employed
Coal Gwendraeth > 56.8 million tons 1/3 of global exports 250,000
Rhymney, SE, NE & (1913)
Steel Merthyr Tydfil, 4.85 million tons of `Sizable part'
Swansea, Cardif, steel and iron
Port Talbot,
Copper Neath, Swansea 90% of british 3700
Tinplate LLaneli> Port 848,000 tons 21000
Slate Bethesda, Port 70% of British 16000
Madoc, NW


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