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What was life like for British
people before 1945?…read more

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· Definition: Financial or other aid
provided, especially by the government,
to people in need.
· It usually realtes to government
provision of services to vulnerable
· It often includes unemployment benefit,
healthcare, pensions for elderly people
and children's education.…read more

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A brief history of welfare in
· In mediaeval times many hospitals were church run,
though the word hospital should not be understood in
today's terms. Back then such places were
communities where the elderly and frail in particular
were looked after.
· The Poor Laws in the 19th century allowed beggars and
homeless people to live in "workhouses", where
conditions were harsh. They were given food and
shelter, but often did backbreaking and dangerous
work in return.
· Families were often split up and sent to different
workhouses.…read more

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A brief history of welfare in
· The 1906 Liberal government introduced
pensions ­ weekly allowances for elderly
people. Up until this point, there was no such
thing as "retirement."
· The pension age was set at 70. But the
average man in 1906 did not live past 50!
· Unemployment insurance (financial help for
those who lose their job) was also introduced.
· These schemes were paid for through
contributions from workers, employers and
the government (it raised taxes).…read more

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A brief history of welfare in
· In the early part of the 20th century,
healthcare was generally provided by local
authorities, or by charities.
· The standard of these services varied widely.
There were far more doctors in rural areas
and in richer towns than in inner city slums.
· In 1925, wives whose husband's passed away
started receiving a widow's pension.…read more

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A brief history of welfare in
· Mass unemployment in the 1930s revealed how
inadequate welfare provision was.
· To try and target the poorest people, the
government in the 1930s introduced a "means
· Only those who were very poor could receive
· Unfortunately, millions of unemployed people
missed out on vital help ­ the means test was
too strict.…read more

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