Weimar Republic Key Notes

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Key Notes on the Weimar Republic
The Weimar Constitution
October 1918 The Germany navy mutinied and Germany were forced to drop out of
the First World War
A new Republic was declared after the abdication crisis
January 1919 ­ Elections were held for a new government
February 1919 ­ New constitution was declared in the town of Weimar
The government changed from military autocracy to a parliamentary democracy
Germany 1919 ­ 1933
Left and right wing rebellions ­ Jan 1919 ­ Spartacist revolt and other Communist
Communist 'People's Government seizes power in Bavaria.
March 1920 Kapp Putsch, 'Red Army' rebellion in the Ruhr
All people were angry with it ­ 1921 assassination of Matthias Erzberger, 1922
assassination of Walter Rathenau
Invasion and inflation ­ Jan 1923 France invades the Ruhr, General Strike and
hyperinflation, Oct Black Reichswehr rebellion and Rhineland declared
independence and Communists take power in Saxony and Thuringia
Munich Putsch ­ Nov 1923
Economic Prosperity
Foreign Policy successes
Cultural flowering
Nazi Party grew more powerful
January 1933: Adolf Hitler became Chancellor
Weimar Problems
The greatest danger was the weakness within President could rule by decree
Proportional representation created a coalition with lots of small parties meat weak
and divided
Worst crisis 1923 ­ French invaded the Ruhr to force reparations created
hyperinflation and rebellions including the Munich Putsch
Main Problems
1. Ineffective Constitution ­ President could rule by emergency decree, proportional
representation meant lots of small parties ­ impossible to create a majority party,
states had too much power and ignored the government, army was not under the full

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Left wing rebellions ­ Jan 1919 Spartacists rebelled in Berlin and Communists
Workers Party seized all power in Bavaria, 1920 ­ Red Army rebelled in the Ruhr
3. Right ­ wing terrorism ­ March 1920 ­ Kapp Putsch, Nationalist Terrorist group
murdered 365 politicians
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Extremist politicians were not won over by the good times. Rightwing nationalists
still hated the Republic as the 'November criminals' they just waited for a
situation to arise which would give them the opportunity to attack the Weimar
Wall Street collapse of 1929 was to prove a disaster for the Weimar republic.…read more


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