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When Ebert was elected as
the leader of the s.p.d after
the death of august Bebel ,
the party members of s.p.d
were deeply divided
because of the party's
support for world war one.
Ebert supported the
burgfieden and tried to
isolate the war opposes In
the party.…read more

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A republic is a form of History
government in which the
country is considered a "public Until modern times, the form of
matter is not the private concern government for almost all states
or property of the rulers, and was monarchy. During the
where offices of states are classical period, the
subsequently directly or Mediterranean region was home
indirectly elected or appointed to several states that are now
rather than inherited. In modern known as the classical republics.
times, a common simplified
definition of a republic is a
government where the head of
state is not a monarch.…read more

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KAPP PUTSCH…read more

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The Freikorps ­ they stage the `putsch'…read more

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