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Weather and Climate
-We will understand what we need to know in regard
to the weather and climate topic
-We will revise the key topics needed in the weather
and climate topic…read more

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Need to know checklist:
· The characteristics of the UK climate
· The reasons for the UK climate and variations in the UK
· What a depression is, how it works and summer/ winter
· What an anticyclone is, how it work and summer/ winter
· The way UK weather is becoming more extreme
· The positives and negatives of more extreme weather in the UK
· How global warming works and evidence for/ against
· The different consequences of global climate change
· Global strategies to respond to climate change
· Local strategies to respond to climate change
· Cause and structure of tropical revolving storms
Case Study: Rich and poor country impact of storms (Hurricane Katrina, Cyclone Nargis)…read more

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Flash Card Revision
· This topic works really well with flash cards to
help you revise
· Each topic/ section can be a flash card…read more

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UK Climate…read more

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5 Reasons for Climate Variation
from Sea
Add details off each spider…read more

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