Revision notes on the weaknesses for Parliament for Edexcel AS Government and Politics.

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Weaknesses of Parliament:
The whipping system dominates decisionmaking and
so discipline rather than opinion has taken over voting.
The PM has the power of patronage over 150
ministerial positions. This growth in the power of the PM
is a weakness.
Government bureaucracy has increased and the govt
has become more complex, it is a difficult job keeping a
track of all activities and legislation.
The Commons has lost the control over finances, in
theory it still controls the purse strings but in reality it is
now in charge of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Growth of pressure group and extraparliamentary
activities since the 60's has shown that the government
rely on outside groups for advice and expertise @ the
expense of the Commons.
Since the 70's, many decisions are made @the
European Parliament which overrule those of the
British Parliament.
The govt's use of referendums bypass Parliament
arguably by undermining it.

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Govt often brief the press before Parliament. The
increasing influence of the media undermines
Parliament.…read more


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