Polarisation of waves

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Transverse waves only.
Unpolarised waves ­
plane of wave
oscillation is randomly

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Plane polarised waves ­
all waves have
matching planes of
oscillation e.g. vertical
or horizontal.…read more

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In this example, the
polariser's "preferred
plane of polarisation" is
This means it will only
let through vertically
polarised waves and
absorb the rest.…read more

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A polariser for
microwaves is made
from parallel metal
A polariser for optical
wavelengths is made
from parallel polymer
chains.…read more

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Charged particles are
free to oscillate along
the metal bars (or
polymer chains)
So they absorb
electromagnetic waves
which oscillate parallel
to those bars/chains…read more

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Examples of polarised
(selective) absorbers ­
Short horizontal metal
bars on television
aerials.…read more

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Polymer chains in
certain plastics ­
Polaroid sunglasses.
Reflected glare from
horizontal surfaces is
horizontally plane
polarised.…read more

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Malus's Law
If the angle of rotation
between two parallel
polarisers is then the
Intensity, I of the
transmitted light is
given by:
I =Io Cos2
Where Io is the incident
intensity on the second
polariser.…read more

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Malus's Law
I =Io Cos2…read more

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Three Videos
... for polarisation with
light and microwaves.
... for 3D Cinema
...for Circular
Polarisation.…read more


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