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Water Usage in HICs
Agriculture (39%) ­ use water to irrigate crops, using automated machines that use lots of water.
Industry (47%) ­ Water is used in production and for cooling. Some use 1million litres a day
Domestic (14%) ­ piped water supplies used for baths (150L) and…

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Quality may be poor leading to water borne diseases eg. Malaria (fever, headache and
vomiting occur 10days after infection form mosquitoes. Disrupts blood flow to vital organs ),
bilharzias (caused by parasitic worms which get into the blood and cause kidney failure),
dysentery, and trachoma
Water pollution indigenous tribes in…

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Control flooding ­ The Yangtze had previously flooded on a number of occasions.
Improve shipping ­ water is deeper behind the dam so boats can travel further to transport
goods. Chongqing was able to industrialise, opening up the interior of China, offering other
places to live.
Positive effects
Economic growth…


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This has all the key point including the quick case studies!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!!!

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