Waterland: the Storyline

This document is the timeline of protagonists Tom and Mary Crick's lives. It is in chronological order, and is therefore easy to understand in comparison to the jumbled-up storyline of Graham Swift's Waterland. Each relevant chapter is mentioned.

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Background : Atkinsons: About
the Rise of the Atkinsons
About my Grandfather
About the Saviour of the World
Cricks: About the Fens
About the LockKeeper
1927 Birth of Tom Crick About the LockKeeper
1937 25thJanuary: Death of mother About the East Wind
30thJanuary: Dick opens chest in the attic for the 1st time About the East Wind
: Dick drinks 1st bottle of Coronation Ale About Beauty and the Beast
Summer: Father tells Tom and Dick about the stars About the Stars and the Sluice
1938­1942 Trips to school on the train with Mary Metcalf About Holes and Things
1940 July: Swimming contest, Mary curious about Dick, eel in panties Child's Play
1942­1943 Mary+Tom's curiosity lead to sex + her pregnancy About Holes and Things
Mary toys with Dick About Beauty and the Beast/ Too Big
1943 July 25th: Freddie Parr murdered by Dick A Bruise upon a Bruise/ Too Big
July 26th: Freddie Parr's corpse discovered About the Stars and the Sluice/
A Bruise upon a Bruise
July 27th: Tom Crick's tantrum with Mary Histrionics
August 2nd: Planting of bottle in Dick's room, attempt to open chest Detectve Work
Later day in August: Mary attempts to kill her developing baby Stupid
: She decide to go to Martha Clay's A Feeling in the Guts
: She has the abortion that makes her baren About the Witch
Even later day: Dick shows Tom the chest About the Pike/
About my Grandfather's Chest
: Tom reveals to Dick the truth of Mary's baby and of Dick's real father
About my Grandfather's Chest
: Tom tells his father the truth about Freddie Parr
About my Granfather's Chest
: Dick runs away and drowns himself About my Grandfather's Chest/
About the Rosa II
Autumn: Mary devotes herself to "a life of solitude, atonement(...)and celebacy"
An Empty Vessel
: Tom plunges into books about History About the Change of Life

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Tom is called off to go to war About the Change of Life
1947 February: Mary marries Tom Crick An Empty Vessel/About the Change of Life
Tom and Mary move to London About the Change of Life
1947 Tom teaches at a Grammar School in Charlton About the Change of Life
Henry Crick is saved from his flooded house The Whole Story
March 18th: Henry Crick dies The Whole Story
1966 Tom is "resited and reincorporated as a comprehensive" About the Change of
1969…read more


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