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Water Aid
Kathryn, Rachel and Tom…read more

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Background to the
Water aid was
established by the UK
water industry as a
charitable trust on 21st
July 1981
It is based in London
It is dedicated to helping
people escape the
poverty and disease
caused by living without
safe water and sanitation.…read more

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Background to the
1 in 8 of the world's population don't
have access to safe water
2/5 of the world's population don't have
access to adequate sanitation
One child every 20 seconds dies from
diarrhoea caused by unclean water and
poor sanitation.
This is the same as 160 infant school
classrooms lost every single day to an
entirely preventable health crisis.…read more

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Background to the
WaterAid has reached 14.38 million people with
safe water since 1981
Last year WaterAid reached 940,000 people with
safe water and 1.24 million people with
sanitation.…read more

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Aims of the organisation
Water Aid's vision is of a world where
everybody has access to safe water
and sanitation
It enables the world's poorest people
to gain access to safe water and
sanitation; improving people's human
rights (the first essential step in
overcoming poverty.)
They work with local partners to
provide the skills and support to help
communities set up and manage
practical and sustainable projects that
meet their real needs.…read more

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Aims of the organisation
WaterAid's principles are:
Inclusive; working with marginalised people
Always learning; making sure their work is sustainable
Collaborative; Engagement with other organisations
Accountable; responsible for who they serve
Inspiring; passionate campaigning of the role of safe
Courageous; setting ambitious goals.…read more

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