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Water reabsorption

Learning objective(s):

Explain, using water potential terminology, the control of water content of the
blood, with reference to the roles of the kidney, osmoreceptors in the
hypothalamus and the posterior pituitary gland

Reabsorption of water

The role of the loop of Henle is to create a low water…

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It is beneficial for mammals living in arid regions to have higher salt concentration in their
medullas and a longer loop of Henle because the greater the gradient from the top to the bottom
of the tubule , the more water can be reabsorbed , which is important when there…

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The collecting duct must pass back through a region of low water potential so that the water can
diffuse out of the collecting duct to be reabsorbed back into the blood . Terrestrial mammals must
reabsorb as much water as possible because they lose water in other ways such as…


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