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Wasteful World
Edexcel exam on June 17th 2011…read more

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What types of waste are there?
Biodegradable and non-biodegradable
Hazardous and non-hazardous
Recyclable and non-recyclable
Solid and liquid
Electrical…read more

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What are the differences between
HIC and LIC waste production?
HICs create more waste as they have more
disposable income to buy products etc.
Many products in HICs are wrapped in lots of
plastic, so lots more waste is produced.
In LICs people will recycle goods for personal
use like clothes.
In HICs more products are designed for single
use only.
LICs tend to be poorer so less people can afford
to buy products so less waste is produced.…read more

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How is waste collected on a local
Household waste recycling sites ­ for electrical
waste, garden waste, wood, scrap metal etc.
Recycling sites ­ tend to be small and are often
in supermarket car parks, where you can
recycle bottles, cans etc of they aren't
collected by the Council.
You should use a case study of your local area ­
how waste is collected, how often, recycling
and waste sites in your area, any special
campaigns/schemes run by the Council to…read more

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How is waste recycled?
Glass is sorted into colours, washed, crushed,
melted and reformed into new products.
Cans are split into steel and aluminium,
melted down and turned into new products.
Paper is sorted into bails and sent to the paper
mill to be turned into new products.
Plastics are sorted into their types, shredded
and then reprocessed.
Waste that cannot be recycled is sent to
landfill or incinerated.…read more

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CASE STUDY - Germany
Landfill ­ has 160 landfill sites, waste is processed before landfill to
reduce its impact.
Incineration ­ has 68 incinerators, plans to build more, some are
mini power plants producing electricity.
Recycling ­ strict laws on recycling, companies can display the
Green Dot emblem to show the packaging is recyclable, exports
waste be recycled, recycles 60% of its waste.
Nuclear waste ­ Germany does not have a deep mine or
reprocessing plant, has to sent waste to UK or France for
reprocessing ­ expensive, sends waste to Siberia to be buried in
deep mines, they are planning to build a reprocessing plant and
convert a deep mine in the future.
Toxic waste ­ they export much of this as it is expensive to deal
with in Germany, 6000 litres of toxic waste was sent to Albania
disguised as humanitarian aid where it leaked into a lake killing all
aquatic life.…read more

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