Was collectivisation a success?- Stalin- Russian history Edexcel AS

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Was collectivization a success?
Political success
United party fearing another civil war
Loyal to new policies blamed Kulaks & peasants for Russia's problems
Left wing believed it was a return to heroic traditions of the civil war
Stalin's authority reached new heights
Economic success
Grain produced 1928 11 mil tonnes, 1929 16 mil tonnes, 1933 23 mil tonnes
Grain exports rose from 0.03mil tones in 1928 to 5 mill tonnes in 1931
Urbanization increased ­ 1928 18% working class, 50 % in 1939
Economic Failure
Productivity decreased
Harvest 9 mil times less than 1926
Soviet agriculture would take decades to recover
Human cost
Peasants caught hiding corn exiled/ shot
Famine 10 mil deaths drastic measures to survivestarving & desperate
9.510 mil exiled dekulakisation
1929 150,00 kulak families exiled to Siberia
1930 240,000
1930 285,000
Hardship= little incentive for hard work
Aid rejected from abroad denying there was a famine
Living standards decreased for industrial workers
Labour camps


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