Was Germany responsible for the outbreak of WW1?

Table with event details, and which argument it relates to

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German Aggression was responsible German Aggression wasn't
for the War responsible
Germany wanted to achieve a `Offensive defensive' Germany
great power status and used trying to break free of
Event war as an instrument of policy diplomatic isolation and
To distract from Social `encirclement' by acting first
discontent War was seen as inevitable so
German Leadership took a
`calculated risk'
Bulow's Weltpolitik "we too demand our place in the sun"
speech 1898
Navy Laws 1898,1900 Expansionist to achieve Weltpolitik,
threatened Britain
AngloJapanese Allowed Britain to place ships in North
Agreement 1902 Sea
First Moroccan Crisis No vital German interests at stake To try and break AngloFrench
Kaiser goes to Tangier to Agreement, instead strengthened to
support Sultans become the Entente Cordiale
Independence 19056
Schlieffen Plan written Went through Belgium Anticipated war on two fronts
Emergence of the Triple Not aimed at Germany Encircled on two fronts
Entente 1907
Bosnian Crisis 19089, Brinkmanship ­ asked Russia to Germany had to stand by only ally of
Austria annexed Bosnia recognise annexation, said they would Austria
Naval Laws 1906,1909 In response to Britain building
Dreadnoughts in 1906
Second Moroccan Crisis There was only 1 German citizen in the France Broke off negotiations, with
1911 ­ `panther' area. Backed down after agreement Britain by its side
gunboat sent to Fez to gave them a strip of French Congo
protect German Citizens
Balkan Wars 1912 ­ Germany advised Austria for a
Balkan League attacked conciliatory approach. European War
Turkey Austria threatened by Serbia
Reichstag Elections Jan SPD got 34.8% of the vote, increase in
1912 fear of revolution
War Council meeting Kaiser ­ wanted increased armaments Tirpitz ­ advised against War
1912 Moltke ­ war `the sooner the better' Bethmann ­ didn't even attend
Arms increase 1913 Moltke pushed for law to increase France ­ extended military
peacetime army strength by 20% to conscription from 2 to 3 years
800,000 Russia ­ added 500,000 military
These would be ready by 1917
Sarajevo Crisis Bethmann recommended a harsh Germany were still defending their
28th June 1914 Archduke ultimatum and action against Serbia ally. Kaiser went on holiday so couldn't
Franz Ferdinand Shot (may have thought just a seriously want a war, and when he
Serbia/Austria War). German generals returned thought Serbian reply
pushing for military action counted as a victory

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Countries begin to Invasion of Belgium led to British
Nature of Schlieffen Plan was ag Nature of Schlieffen Plan was
mobilise declaration of War on Germany (4 th
Ag Agfeuwfbvevvevafevvefvebe aggressive, gave Russia an ultimatum
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