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Revision for War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy from Best Words. GCSE English AQA B

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Language Form Structure
o Lexis of autumn and o The second stanza is about o Steady rhythm
seasons the marriage o Reflects the steady life
o `fading' `hollows' `acorns' o `our wedding, lying near the the women and their
`the leaves fall in ones and television' routine
twos' o Because it is in the middle
o Nothing happens in autumn, it is fitted in where it can, it
everything fades and is is squeezed between the
quiet. The women are life of the children and
fading in their own live ultimately forgotten
fading into the background
and fading into the
afternoon/autumn of life
(middle age). Fading is a
gentle process yet there is
nothing they can do about
o Sense of routine o Enjambment between
o `assemble' `expect' `at second and third verse
intervals' o Reflects how the wom
o It is as if they have known lives flow into the nex
this would happen. Their chapter without them
lives are mundane. The noticing
children need routine so the
women will change their life
for the children


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