War Communism

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War Communism
State control of industry- restore factory discipline & prevent workers from leaving cities
All private trade banned
International passports
Steep decline in use of money
Lenin- wanted Russian to be first communist state
State control of the economy- move towards communism ( end of private trade & use of
Worse working conditions
Grain Requisitioning
May 1918- no more private trade, peasants forced to hand over certain proportion of grain
harvest each year
Jan 1919-all major food stuff including vegetables & live stock to be collected, quotas set
regardless of the harvests- sometimes= taking all
Lenin encouraged a class warfare in country side
Kulaks blamed for hoarding grain
Anyone caught hoarding grain= liable to be shot
Peasants- was not worth sowing grain for the communists to steal so reduced their
Acute food shortages 1920- terrible famine in 1921- 5 million Russians died
Towns emptied- workers would not stay where there was no food
Industrial output fell to around 20% of pre-war levels e.g. coal 1913: 29mil tonnes to
9 mil tonnes by 1921
City population , birth rate decreasing
Wages in 1919 were 2% of what they were in 1913


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