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General economic Health Education Social security Employment Housing
All welfare measures Huge public health crisis following Severe disruption due to Process of evacuation ­ relocation War economy had eliminated Housing boom of the 1930s halted
limited by post-war the war evacuation/bombing etc. of 1.5 million children ­ increased unemployment…

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s Butler's Education Act ­ formed a insurance, covering the very neediest attempted to limit inflation through From 1945-8, 157,000 `pre-fab'
tripartite system of secondary of society price control houses assembled
t education ­ grammar, secondary (pre-constructed)
a modern, vocational Distribution of Industry Act (1943) ­
k tackled structural unemployment…

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m Left-wingers viewed the service as
p providing a low standard of care ­
l mainly benefitting the middle
i classes who could now access the
best doctors and health care for
free ­ and questioned the
i continued private health case which
o promoted inequality

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