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War & Peace
There are 3 main approaches to issues surrounding war and peace:
1. Just War Theory the belief that war is morally justified if it meets certain
2. Realism ­ says that basically ethics has nothing to do with war. War is
often necessary to promote security,…

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3. Rights vindication. The settlement should secure the rights to life and
liberty, territory and sovereignty, especially any violations that may have
triggered war. This means that the war and subsequent peace treaty will
actually have an improving effect on the country.
4. Punishments. Where necessary any leaders of an…

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Preferential Pacifism
Preferences taken into account.
Preferential option over violence as was is so destructive.
Bonhoeffer Christian pacifist who took part in a failed plot against Hitler
was later hung.
Strengths Weaknesses
Clearcut, it opposes all forms Allows evil to dominate
of violence. State has a duty to protect its…


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